Monday, May 11, 2015


If the name doesn't get you, then the sleek design will. This beautiful Triumph Bonneville was built by Ton-up Garage. It immediately caught my attention when its images first hit the interweb. It just looked a little too perfect. The first time I saw it, I honestly thought it was simply a digitally rendered design. Then, I saw it pop up on another moto blog, and another one. Finally, I had to check this puppy out. I think it might be that obscure green paint on the tank that throws me. 

It's a beautiful pearl(ish) green that almost glows in the light; very eye-catching. The other stand out feature is definitely the stitching on the seat. Not a pattern you see very often. I'm not sure if it has a technical name, but I want to refer to it as fishbone style. Outside of those two things, it is just a clean and beautiful build. Plus, the story of why the bike was named and designed quite charming if you're the romantic type. 

Feel free to head over to Ton-up's build page to give it a read. All of it comes together in a Triumph that you just have to love.

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